Who is Adam Kapner?

Adam Kapner is a real estate broker, business owner and Lincoln Towers resident with a lifetime of passion and knowledge when it comes to the real estate industry. Having lived at Lincoln Towers for over 11 years, Adam has unparalleled expertise about the property and everything it has to offer.

Is there parking at Lincoln Towers?

Yes. Lincoln Towers (as known as LincolnTowerApartments) offers both outdoor and garage parking. Although not every building has a garage, monthly parking spot rentals are available to any resident of Lincoln Towers. Apartment owners also have the option of purchasing an outdoor parking spot.

Are there subway and bus lines conveniently located near Lincoln Towers?

Commuting from Lincoln Towers is incredibly easy and convenient. We’re located just a few blocks from both an express and local station that service the 1 & 2/3 trains, and have seven different bus lines traveling north, south, and crosstown that have stops right outside of our buildings.

Can I rent an apartment at Lincoln Towers?

Each Lincoln Tower building is its own co-op that comes with different rules when it comes to renting. If you have a question about renting in a specific building, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly! 

Is Lincoln Towers good for families?

We really pride ourselves on being a family-friendly community. With spacious floor plans, acres of parks, a full playground, in-building playrooms, and a number of amazing public and private schools just a short walk away, Lincoln Towers is a safe, supportive, and healthy place to raise a family.

Are my pets allowed at Lincoln Towers?

Rules differ between buildings, but for the most part, dogs and cats are welcome here. *Some breeds are restricted.

How safe is Lincoln Towers?

About as safe as you can get! Not only do all our buildings have 24-hour doormen, we also have a fully-staffed, uniformed security team that patrols the premises every hour of the day and night.

Will I have access to outdoor space?

One of the defining features of Lincoln Towers is our five acres of enclosed, gated parks. Set up for sports, lounging, picnics, community gatherings and more, we would call it more of an oasis than an outdoor space. If that’s not enough, both Central Park and Riverside Park are a short walk away.