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Why New Yorkers Won’t Actually Move to The Suburbs

After the coronavirus hit New York City, numerous media resources published reports saying that the city’s residents are leaving for the burbs. New York City is far from becoming a ghost town, and the prediction that people are leaving for the safer suburbs has been highly exaggerated. I love New York. Here’s why New Yorkers won’t actually move to the suburbs.

Challenges Bring Out the Best in the City

While there are city dwellers who have uprooted themselves and moved to the suburbs, these are people who were likely planning the move already and made the shift more quickly due to the virus. If you have decided to stay in the city, then you are in good company. Following every modern New York City crisis ranging from 9/11 to the Great Recession in 2008, New York has become stronger.

Regardless of if you grew up in this great town or are an adoptee after struggling to make your way for 10 years or more, you love living in this unique city for a reason.

NYC Nightlife

You will find some unique restaurants and bars in the area’s suburbs, but they will never compare to the ones that you have access to in the city. While many New York City restaurants are still trying to figure out how to manage patrons and socially distant dining, numerous establishments will continue to serve you tasty food and beverages.

The country is slowly making its way back to a more normal existence. As it does, New York City is sure to maintain its role of being a leader when it comes to notable cocktails and cuisine.

Distinctive Neighborhoods

As a New York City dweller, it’s likely that you love that the city’s neighborhoods are distinctive and diverse. It’s easy to find an area to live in that speaks to you, a place where you fit in with likeminded people.

Awesome Shopping

While stores will require you to wear a mask, the shopping in New York City far surpasses the options that you’ll find in the burbs. The city features expensive shopping as well as amazing deals. This is a big reason for people to continue living in New York and why most of us are unlikely to leave.

The Hustle and Bustle

Few cities in the world hustle and bustle like New York City. The reason that the city is so busy is that it’s densely populated. Not only is New York populated with a lot of people, but it is also populated with people from various backgrounds. This makes the city even more appealing.

The city features powerful energy that suburbs are unable to recreate. New Yorkers claim the title of “city dweller” proudly since they gain inspiration from the vitality of city living. For this reason, I embrace apartment living instead of suburban life because I feed off the city’s energy.

Rich Gibbons, Prevu’s Director of Real Estate Services, said, “New Yorkers are rapidly queuing up to purchase condos and co-ops across the city now that they are finally able to attend in-person showings again.”

Remote Work is Not Guaranteed

Many businesses sent their employees home to work using creative strategies to keep people working under the city’s quarantine requirements, but this doesn’t mean that remote work is the new norm. The most common work industries in the city include financial services, media, entertainment, and technology. It’s unlikely that major New York companies will embrace working from home, which means that most workers will return to the office eventually. If you work in the city, you must consider how close you are to your office.

There are people who are happy to take on a long commute in exchange for a bigger home and more backyard space. However, many New Yorkers spend more than 40 hours a week in the office and would prefer the ease of a quick subway ride home or the benefits of renting an apartment that’s close enough to the office to walk.

Famous Landmarks

As a resident, you know that you have access to amazing New York City landmarks. Once there’s a vaccine for the coronavirus, you’ll be able to tour landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Grand Central Station once again. While most city residents don’t spend their weekends touring New York’s tourist spots, having access to them is a bonus.

The New York City museums are always a great place for inspiration, and the next time that you step foot in the Guggenheim, take a moment to appreciate the skyline. You’re sure to feel proud that you live in such an amazing city.

Central Park

Central Park is a major benefit of living in New York. Yes, the suburbs give you space of your own, but they can never equal the great things that you have access to in Central Park. The park measures 843 acres, making it big enough for theater productions, open-air concerts, and even a zoo.

The Wollman Rink is in Central Park. It’s close to the zoo and offers incredible views of the city skyline. The rink opens up in October, so you have several months to enjoy this wonderful New York City amenity.

Central Park is a great place to enjoy nature and spend time outdoors. Take a stroll to see diverse plant life species. When city living gets a bit too busy, you can step into Central Park to regroup and find some peace.

There’s No Place Like New York

New York City is a unique city with features that you’ll never find in a suburb. Residents hesitate to leave the city because they won’t have access to incredible restaurants, amazing shopping, and excitement. New York is a great place to live. I know you love living here. Continue reveling in New York City living.