A Guide to Upper West Side Apartments in NYC

A Guide to Upper West Side Apartments in NYC

The Upper West Side (UWS) is a prime spot perfect for families, singles, and retirees, all looking for a patch of paradise. You will find quaint little homes in the Upper West Side and an abundance of green space and cultural amenities.

Leveraging our decades-worth of experience in the area, we can help potential residents find the best Upper West Side Apartments to fit your needs.

What Kind of Attractions Await You in the Upper West Side?

If you’re planning to reside in one of the many available Upper West Side Apartments, you’ll want to get a taste of the adventure that awaits.

Nature lovers will want to stroll through New York City’s Central Park. You can see the renowned Strawberry Fields, a dedicated living memorial to musician and UWS resident John Lennon, named after the iconic Beatles song “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Strolling visitors will get a chance to see the dedicated memorials and the passionate fans playing acoustic sets in honor of a legendary icon.

No location is complete without a little taste of culture and the arts. Who can forget the Beacon Theatre on 2124 Broadway? This historic theater has been around since 1929, playing a wide range of musical and comedy acts, many of which have made the history books. Most of the late George Carlin’s HBO comedy acts were filmed here, while the Tony Awards have been hosted in this venue at least three times in the past decade. Today, musicians and comedians, both famous and up and coming, continue to make this location a place that is worth revisiting.

How Much Do Upper West Side Apartments Usually Cost?

Your budget needs can change depending on whether you plan to rent or buy an apartment. Only one-third of New York residents live in apartments they own, with the rest living in rentals.

If you’re looking to buy one of the many available Upper West Side apartments, the median rate is usually $1.2 million. However, Lincoln Towers does sell some units that go as low as $449,000.

Renters for the Upper West Side should expect a median rental price of $3,550. You can potentially save even more in the long run with a co-op setup.

What Are Our Recommendations?

UWS is a memorable part of NYC. We do, however, have a few tips for burgeoning residents.

Lay Down What You Need vs. What You Want

The limited selections of Upper West Side apartments are always in high demand. You may not always get your prime choice for reasons such as the high price range or having been beat out in the early reservation phase.

For this reason, it is important to put down your list of essential “Must-Haves,” highlighting the things you absolutely can’t live without.

Start Small Before Going Big

If you don’t think you want to make a significant investment just yet, try to look for smaller options. Ask around for buyers or renters looking to split the bill for an apartment. Doing this can give you a feel for the right type of apartment setup you’re looking for and give you time to think if you want to buy or rent in the long run.

Where Is Your Perfect Place To Call Home?

Lincoln Towers is an eight-building co-op standing on the Lincoln Square neighborhood famously glimpsed in the film A Westside Story.

Lincoln Towers and its 3,887 apartments initially housed rent-controlled units before turning into co-ops in 1987. Ever since then, each building, including its surrounding parks, have been consistently renovated and improved to ensure its status as a modern and convenient luxury sanctuary remains true.

Right now, Lincoln Towers has several prime units ready for use.

Upper West Side Apartments For Sale

160 West End Avenue #5G

Located steps away from the Lincoln Center, this one-bedroom unit is ready to move into and is chock full of great features. An extra-large alcove studio provides the opportunity for daily activities, a wonderful view overlooking the city, and a generous closet space for miscellaneous equipment — all for the affordable price of $449,000.

160 West End #5G Upper West Side NYC

140 West End Avenue #7H

Within this two-bedroom apartment lies a sanctuary from the troubles of the outside world. A spacious living room with a 26-foot long terrace can allow you to enjoy all the indoor fresh air and sunlight you could want. You can also utilize the custom AC units with an HVAC with the Nest system to turn the unit into your own sealed office with custom-controlled temperature. Complementing this arrangement is a large windowed custom designed master bath with an oversized shower that makes every dollar of this $1,475,000 unit worth it.

140 west end ave #7h Upper West Side NYC

160 West End Avenue #7P

A pristine oasis awaits its next occupant at this remodeled one-bedroom unit. Filled with granite countertops, stainless steel upgraded appliances, and a large pantry closet, spacious does not even begin to describe its prime features. Combined with custom bookshelves, seven closets, and a large dining alcove, this $799,000 unit can serve as the perfect work-from-home residence for any modern professional.

160 west end ave #7p NYC

160 West End Avenue #23U

A sunny one-bedroom unit with an overlooking eastward view is a great place to wake up every morning. Open city views that take advantage of a tranquil setting accompanied by an abundance of closet space and a generously proportioned living room help sell its charm. For $745,000, this little dream spot can be all yours.

160 west end ave #23u UWS NYC

With so many excellent places to choose from, finding a place to settle down in this happy corner of the Big Apple might be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. One thing’s for sure, though: The Upper West Side will always make it worth your while.

If you’d like to find well-priced Upper West Side Apartments with a legacy for quality and service, Lincoln Towers is an excellent place to start looking. Contact us for more information about our unit offerings.

* Apartments listed above might already be sold or are in contract as of 10/10/2020.