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Upper West Side Real Estate In New York City

The Upper West Side rests between the Hudson River and Central Park. Although it’s a bustling, cultural center of the city, it’s also a relaxing location with plenty of green space. Living here gives you the best of many worlds, including performances, restaurants, bars, and leisurely strolls down stretches of waterfront property. Upper West Side real estate offers proximity to these New York City features as well as amenities that make you feel right at home.

Upper West Side Real Estate is Close to Gorgeous Parks

One of the biggest benefits of living in the Upper West Side is that you have access to miles of beautiful landscape. Even if you don’t take advantage of the parks by visiting their amenities or playing on their playgrounds, you’ll notice that you have a break in the skyline in the Upper West Side. The green space replaces some of the clusters of buildings that would otherwise impede your view.

But the parks in the Upper West Side offer something for everyone. For starters, Central Park spans about 2.5 miles, from 59th to 110th Streets. The park is like an indoor/outdoor museum that nods to the history of New York, its environment and its people.

Central Park is one of the first parks in the U.S. to be fabricated using landscape architecture methods. The designers preserved the natural features of the land while building a water supply system, roads, bridges, and arches.

Visitors can stroll along the gentle slopes, picnic in grassy fields, or explore rocky valleys. They can also visit monuments and museums, see animals at the zoo, row across the lake or skate at the ice rink.

If Central Park isn’t enough, you can head to Riverside Park. This is also an expansive green space with a rich history. The park spans 4 miles along the Hudson River.

Riverside Park has plenty of varied landscapes as well as modern recreational facilities. It features a skate park, several playgrounds, sports fields, and a public marina.

If you live in the Upper West Side and want to explore a green space that’s a little more community-friendly and intimate, check out the West Side Community Garden. It’s a privately owned plot of land on which families can grow their own flowers and produce.

Wide Variety of Cultural Activities

The Upper West Side is known for its cultural attractions. Some of the most popular are the Natural History Museum and Lincoln Center. These attractions have more to offer than the typical tourist trap. They have rotating and regular events and live performances to keep residents of the Upper West Side busy throughout the year.

One of the standout features of the Natural History Museum is the planetarium. It’s a great place to see the stars when the city lights block them out in the sky above you.

Lincoln Center offers plenty of free performances. Listen to jazz, take the kids to an energetic musical event, or attend a master class with a professional artist.

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is also located on the Upper West Side. This museum offers exhibits, programs, and activities that the little ones will enjoy.

The northern end of the Upper West Side is home to Columbia University. You’ll typically find lower Upper West Side real estate prices in this area. You’ll also find a youthful culture and a lively cultural scene.

Upper West Side Real Estate Benefits and Amenities

If you’re looking to live in a quieter part of the city, you might want to look into the Upper West Side. Although there is plenty to do in the area, you won’t be overwhelmed by raucous nightlife activities or streets that teem with people.

Many streets in the Upper West Side have a small-town feel that’s hard to find in New York City. But if you live close to Columbus Circle, you’ll still experience the hustle and bustle that Manhattan is famous for.

The lifestyle in the Upper West Side is laid-back sophistication. The neighborhood is family-friendly and creative. Many New Yorkers say that it’s not as stuffy as the Upper East Side.

The Upper West Side has attracted creative types over the years. Culturally aware filmmakers, artists, writers, and intellectuals have helped it become an interesting, vibrant neighborhood that it is today.

The Upper West Side is cozy. The bistros are intimate. The restaurants are welcoming. Most of the eateries and bars are casual. Although you can find some fine dining in the Upper West Side, the establishments aren’t fussy.

You can take a casual stroll in this neighborhood at any time of day. There are many opportunities to treat yourself to cultural indulgences. Many of the residential buildings in the area have commercial spaces on the ground level. You can stop into a boutique or an art gallery as you go about your travels.

It’s easy to partake in leisure activities when you live on the Upper West Side. A casual stroll takes you to many different parks or the waterfront.

Who said that you couldn’t have a yard if you lived in New York City? If you live in a building with its own green space, you don’t have to go far to enjoy a picnic or a game of catch. You can get some fresh air just by leaving your apartment. Lincoln Towers, for example, has a 5-acre park that’s gated and available for residents and their guests only.

Upper West Side real estate prices are relatively affordable for Manhattan. Although the median sale price hovers around $1 million, you can find co-ops, condos, and other properties for less.

Lincoln Towers was constructed in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, where West Side Story took place. It’s a luxurious sanctuary that has been consistently renovated and offers reasonably priced properties with modern conveniences.