time to buy an apartment on upper west side

Is Now The Time To Buy An Apartment On The Upper West Side?

With the global pandemic, political climate, and social unrest, it is easy to understand a prospective buyer’s trepidation about the real estate market. However, the stylish essence of the Upper West Side, low mortgage interest rates, and a buyer-friendly marketplace may be indicators that it is time to buy an apartment on the Upper West…

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apartment shopping upper west side NYC

Apartment Shopping On The Upper West Side

Apartment shopping on the Upper West Side should be exciting and enjoyable. There are plenty of areas in this neighborhood that are ideal for families, singles, couples, and retirees. The Upper West Side is a cozy community that sits apart from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Manhattan. It has a bit more…

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places to shop upper west side NYC

11 Places To Shop on The Upper West Side in NYC

Living in the Upper West Side puts you in a family-friendly neighborhood with plenty of friendly dining establishments, cultural opportunities, and green spaces. Although it’s not as famous for places to shop like Fifth Avenue, it offers plenty of unique shops and boutiques where you can purchase just about anything. Whether you want clothing or…

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