places to shop upper west side NYC

11 Places To Shop on The Upper West Side in NYC

Living in the Upper West Side puts you in a family-friendly neighborhood with plenty of friendly dining establishments, cultural opportunities, and green spaces. Although it’s not as famous for places to shop like Fifth Avenue, it offers plenty of unique shops and boutiques where you can purchase just about anything. Whether you want clothing or…

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upper west side real estate

Upper West Side Real Estate In New York City

The Upper West Side rests between the Hudson River and Central Park. Although it’s a bustling, cultural center of the city, it’s also a relaxing location with plenty of green space. Living here gives you the best of many worlds, including performances, restaurants, bars, and leisurely strolls down stretches of waterfront property. Upper West Side…

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Real Estate Virtual Tours

Benefits Of Real Estate Virtual Tours

If you’re a real estate agent, your job doesn’t stop. People are always looking for properties, and they want to explore their options. But buyers may not be able to meet you for an in-person tour for many reasons. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is preventing people from leaving their houses….

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